An overflow of garage/punk music you should be listening to.

Manateees - Cold and Rhythmic

From their debut album coming soon on Pelican Pow Wow Records.

Better get your hands on this one.

Ausmuteants - Who’s the Narc

New 7” ‘Stale White Boys Playing Stale Black Music’ out now on Easter Bilby Records.

I can not wait to see this band in Detroit on October 4th.

Taos Humm - Road to RC

From the Vegetarian Meat compilation out now from Stolen Body Records.

Travel Check - 66$

Four piece band from Paris. This is off their second EP on Howlin’ Banana Records. Out now.

Os Noctàmbulos - Wild

Debut album ‘Corsica Garden’ out now.
If your’e a fan of early garage rock, this is must listen.

Wand - Broken Candle

Debut album out now on Drag City Records. Catchy songs with 60’s psych vibes. Also on tour right now with Ty Segall.

The People’s Temple - Human Cancer

Garage psych band out of Lansing, MI will be releasing their second album of 2014 on State Capital Records.

SAPPHIC - Nocturno Del Hueco

Post punk duo based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Sandkings - Twin Peaks

Garage punks from West Michigan. Debut EP ‘Turkish Bathhouse’ available now on their band camp.

The Omecs - Upside Down

From their debut EP on King Pizza Records coming out early Fall.