Baston - Alamo 7”

Been listening to the A-side of this 7” on repeat.
Looking forward to hearing more from this band from France.

Straight Arrows - Petrified

New video from Australia’s Straight Arrows. New album out on Hozac Records.

I can’t get enough of this shit.


oxcvi said: I've spent a good hour listening to music on your blog and I must say, I've definitely found some new bands thanks to you! you have incredible taste :)

Thank you so much!

Guantanamo Baywatch - Love This Time

The first official music video for these surf rockers.

Perfect summer jam.


Pow! - Hi-Tech Boom

Out now on Castle Face Records.

POW! have written a punk eulogy to our fair city.

— John Dwyer


The perfect cut

Sick Hyenas - Hoe

Garage/Psych out of Germany. Just released a full length on Dumpster Tapes.

Los Dos Hermanos - Alienor 

New 7” from this killer French Duo. Out now on Six Tonnes De Chair Records.